Every auto receives after stripping, cleaning (solvent, chemical & hot wash) inspection.

All new bands, clutches, seals, bushes, thrusts, gaskets, late model transmissions will receive new solenoids.

We can also help with electronic diagnosis/repair - relearn procedures

Modifications include mild to wild, towing to full race e.g.- extra clutches, hp clutches & kevlar bands, wider bands, h/d Torrington thrusts, shift kits, manual valve bodies, trans-brakes, billet pistons & input shafts & plane-tries. 

We build each trans to suit a customers needs.


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Services - Manuals


Our reconditioned boxes all receive new bearings, seals, gaskets, and syncro's.

we can improve performance by adding heavy duty bearings (stronger materials, more rollers to spread load) we can cryogenically freeze gear-sets to aligned grain structure for added strength or the ultimate is to fit aftermarket gear-sets and cases.

We have redline shockproof oil which helps absorb shock loading.  

Lastly we can supply brand new transmissions and clutches for 1000+ hp.

Services - Converters


Geartorque are the leaders in quality torque converters to suit every application. Our customers needed a strong converter and thats why we have created our line of bullet proof converters to suit your car and budget. 

We start the converter that is customised for your application, utilising the same parts as the big brands we are able to offer better quality at an even better price

Top Gearbox Packages

An overview of the most popular gearbox options
from $1500

Suitable for 500hp to 3000hp+ we can make it fit anything


Perfect upgrade for big hp commodores

from $1,200

500hp to 2000hp designed for Chev but we fit to anything


Recondition your manual box, comes with 12 mth warranty