The photos in this gallery are of cars that are running a gearbox built by Geartorque, Each gearbox has been built custom to what is needed. With over 1000 of Geartorque's gearboxes out in Australia its hard to choose which photos to display, so here is a taste of some of the cars we work on here at Geartoruqe!   

Customer Reviews


 These guys have been around for a long time and know their stuff.. They have just rebuilt the auto in my 2001 Holden Frontera for me and I’m more then happy with the job and service I received.. Would recommend to anyone after a great job with very competitive pricing. 


 Would like to thank geartorque once again. Super easy to talk too, and get the job done right. Thanks for building a new auto and keep us racing. 


 Rebuilt gearbox & new clutch, they spoke to me about what they found as they were doing it, and kept it all to the price they originally quoted. Considering sourcing and fitting the new clutch were extra, it was less money than what I expected to pay! Very, very happy, these guys will get all my business from now on. Cheers! 


 Have rebuilt several transmissions for myself and family members. Very reasonably priced, knowledgeable and  honest in my book recommend. 


 The boys at Geartorque have build 3 turbo 400 & 2 trimatics for us & many others that i know off , my 400 is 8 years old has been the best box i have had built.


 I use and recommend Geartorque been looking after my gearboxes for years and I abuse my gearboxes to the max so for gearbox needs give them a go